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Stainless steel bucket traps and kitchen floor wastes

ACO Gully is a range of fixed and adjustable height stainless steel floor wastes, designed for use in commercial and industrial projects where hygiene, durability and performance requirements are paramount.

A variety of kitchen gullies and other products are available to suit a range of applications, including a choice of stainless steel bucket traps, basket traps, grates and internal foul air traps (FATs) for where construction height is limited.

ACO Gully 157

Sgully 157tainless steel gully to suit 200×200 grates. Ideal for commercial kitchen drain and floor waste applications.

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ACO Gully 218

Sgully 218tainless steel gully to suit 300×300 grates.
Ideal for food processing applications.

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1Solid edge in-fill improves durability.
2Range of interchangeable grates to suit individual applications, up to load class D210 (AS 3996).
3Removable (primary) stainless steel strainer to prevent food waste from entering wastewater system (optional).
4Deep-drawn body ensures smooth contours eliminating crevices for bacteria growth.
5Large radii for easy cleaning.
6Fixed (secondary) strainer for secure sediment retention (optional).
7Gully flow rate and self-cleansing properties exceeds requirements of EN 1253.
1Slip resistant grate for user safety.
2Adjustable height tops to suit finished floor level.
3Large radii for easy cleaning.
4Friction ring supports the foul air trap and provides either a sealing or drainage function.
5Optional internal foul air trap design minimises evaporation and the chamber design provides a splash free enclosure. It is fully removable for easy cleaning.
6Dry sump design (no water retention in sump).
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