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Silverbeet, The Canteen, Barangaroo, NSW

Barangaroo is one of the world’s most ambitious waterfront renewal projects, located on the western edge of Sydney Harbour. Historically the site was the location of Sydney’s shipping infrastructure and will consist of commercial office buildings, residential apartments, tourist and cultural facilities. ‘The Canteen’ is a collection of eateries providing a casual dining and social meeting place in Tower Two. Recently, ‘Silverbeet’ opened for business and specialises in creative salads and spit‑roasted meats, made fresh daily.

Project Design Brief

The ‘Silverbeet’ food outlet required a drainage system compliant with commercial kitchen regulations. Bucket traps and associated fittings needed to be contained within a 600mm deep slab and compatible with the waterproof membrane. Each gully was required to be supplied with fixed and removable strainer baskets for sediment control.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO Gully 157 adjustable height gully with internal foul air trap, waterproof bonding flange and 200x200mm Ladder slip resistant grate with fixed and removable strainer baskets


  • Integrated internal foul air trap reduces the depth required to house the drain and trap
  • Deep drawn body ensures smooth contours eliminating crevices for bacterial growth
  • Slip resistant Ladder grate for worker safety and rounded corners for ease of cleaning
  • Retention chains ensure components are not misplaced during maintenance and cleaning
Silverbeet, The Canteen, Barangaroo, NSW
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